147th Army Band SOP: Drill Excusal

Non-Emergency Situations: All non-emergency requests for excusal and/or split- training will be submitted on through the Soldier’s chain-of-command, via the Band’s website: www.147ArmyBand.org. Requests will be submitted through your performance group NCOIC and your Team Leader to the First Sergeant at least 30 days prior to the absence. Failure to submit this form during the time period specified may disqualify you for the opportunity to split-train.

Generally, civilian work conflicts with your primary employer (to include college events for full-time students) and immediate family conflicts are considered for split- training. Other conflicts such as secondary civilian employment (in a “gigging” band) or non-immediate family events such as weddings of relatives and/or friends will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In these cases, the Soldier may not be eligible for split-train but may be excused.

Do not call the Readiness NCO or forward any non-emergency requests through that office unless they are in your chain of command. It is the chain of command’s duty to follow up with the requesting Soldier and the Full-time staff as to the status of any absence requests.

Emergency Situations: These will be handled through the 1SG or the Commander.

Absence Request

Your Name:

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Dates Requested:

Select Your MPT (Team Leaders: Please Select "Team Leader")

Reason for Request:

Do you plan to make-up this absence? NoYes

In order to make-up drill you must download SDNG Form 16 below, complete blocks 1, 7, 8, and 9, and attach to this form.
Drill make-up can be no more than 30 days prior to drill, and you should plan no later than 60 days after drill.

(fillable PDF must be viewed in Adobe Reader)

Attach completed SDNG Form 16