FTX (Field Training Exercise) is a newer group to the 147th Army Band.  A horn-line, vocal, and rhythm-section group “experiment” based on the new Army concept that entertainment and music must meet the demand of its audience.  The result was a blending of genres, vocals, and playing only the best songs.

It was originally formed as an Octet in the spring of 2010 for performances during a tour of South Dakota communities.  Very quickly, this passionate and energetic group has become indispensable to the organization. FTX has retained its size, but found new ways to exploit its members’ many incredible talents.  Constantly evolving, the group can’t be defined in one word by style.  They perform a variety of music including jazz, funk, pop, rock, and rap.

Performing for Military and civilian functions, a typical show provides an audience with 45 minutes to an hour’s worth of engaging music and entertainment.  Top-notch showmanship and wide appeal inspire patriotism which is at the core of who FTX is.